2 thoughts on “More Progress

    1. I don’t think there are outright noise issues. The problem I’m running into with edges aren’t directly related to the edge detail being inconsistent over motion. However, I am running into edge issues related to the following:

      I have to create a garbage matte to get rid of most of the area outside the subject I’m isolating. I’m blurring it to retain some more hair detail. Plus, I need to create a roto to fill in the areas of the subject that the chroma, luma keys pulled out. I’m maneuvering between trying to keep more detail and having a clean isolation, fudging with blurs and hoping the background is forgiving. But with HD or the like, I’m not sure what will show up on the big screen. A pro I consulted with told me to add “film” or video grain (that matches your footage) to the background, if it’s CG, created in PSD, etc. I haven’t done that yet, and it will help the composite.

      So it’s far from a clean or ideal way to go. Given the circumstances, though, I haven’t been able to figure out anything better so far.

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