A Musical Sidebar

While brainstorming ways to raise money for the film’s upcoming expenses, I thought of using my graphic design skills to create papery goodies like cards or posters.

But Mom suggested putting my music out there instead, to see if it might do anything. (I have a CD about 80% finished; 14 songs I think. But I put it on hold when I started working on film projects.) So instead of waiting until “Wood” is complete before finishing and releasing my album, I put my first single out there: “Suns Used to Shine.” It’s the first song I ever recorded (way back in 1996).

So as I continue to work on “Wood,” I hope to release pieces I’m almost finished with as singles. “Suns Used to Shine” is available worldwide, and as a download on Amazon , iTunes and CDBaby. You can also hear it on Spotify. If you feel like helping out, please spread the word. Thank you!

Amazon |  iTunes | CDBaby

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