Bumping along…

Happy New Year!

I’m close to finishing the tough shots. But my hard drives are acting suspiciously–including a brand-newish backup drive. After a few weeks, when replacement drives come in, I hope to start the smaller shots and finish the film!


Quick update: working on a series of feathers-on-the-wind shots. Feathers that move forward, backwards, towards and away…

After I output the different shots (I need lots of these shots), I’ll composite them. When those are finished, I’ll move to the Beautiful Young Woman effects.

And then things will be very close to the finish line (on my end) before the film is handed off for color grading, sound mix, scoring.

Peek at Shot

revealReverseThought it would be fun to see the composite I’m working on now, so I shot it on my phone in this video.

  • The top is the original footage. It couldn’t be used as is; too gentrified looking to be a forgotten, mysterious wood.
  • The little inset is the roto of Miranda I’m working on.
  • The bottom shot is the rough composite. It uses a scratch roto I made of Miranda, so I could see how she’d interact in the wood.

You can see the roto is well on its way, and that the “wood” is built. After the elements are combined and the composite refined, the shot will be complete. Then just one major shot’s left, plus several small ones.

Another shot

The “Meadow” shot was completed a while back. And now another key VFX composite is about 70% complete. I was worried it would take much longer. But I’m surprised how quickly these shots are being completed these days. Relocating to the chapel has everything to do with it. It’s quiet, cozy and warm–and there’s no internet plugged in there.

Only one or two more big composite shots are left. Then several small shots remain–those should move quickly.


The last replacement components for my computer and post setup arrived in the mail the other day. This means as soon as I can find a spot in the house (everything is uprooted now because of the flood) to set up temporary shop, I can get going on “Wood” again!