Preparing for Supplementary Interviews

So I’ve finally gotten around to doing my first audio test with DSLR video. I’m using a Nikon D3100 HD DSLR* with no audio inputs for a series of short interviews that will be a supplementary feature of “Wood.” I plan to show the interview feature at the screening, and will include it in the DVD and Blu-ray release.

Since the in-camera microphones on DSLRs stink, I tested plugging a lavalier mic receiver into the 1/8″ input of my Tascam DR-07 MKII. It worked! If I use some kind of clapper to make a pop in the audio, I should be able to sync the sound with the video in post.

*I upgraded the memory card to a SanDisk Extreme 32GB SDHC (Class 10) flash memory card.

Site and Email down

I’m changing web hosts, so the site and affiliated email accounts are down temporarily. Please send emails to in the meantime. 

I’m not working on the film at the moment. I’ve been spending the past week (off of work) cleaning up the studio (just about finished) so that I can work on the film again next week!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign

It’s my goal to raise $11,000 dollars for the recording of the “In this Wood” soundtrack by a professional orchestra in Prague. I’ve been planning a series of fundraisers, and anticipate this amount will take time to raise. A few years ago, I launched a Kickstarter campaign that didn’t run long enough (Kickstarter requires you to meet your entire fundraising goal by a designated deadline, and is all or nothing). Had it run longer, it’s possible my then goal of $10K (for VFX and color grading) would have been reached.

This time, I plan to launch a GoFundMe campaign that allows me to raise funds without a time restraint, and doesn’t impose an all-or-nothing proviso.

Motion Tracking

Got a clean motion track of the original footage of “Emerge” shot today. The bottom picture shows original footage with camera motion being tracked. You can see all the individual frames as red dots below (x, y, correlation points). 

Wasn’t easy, because not much of the shot was trackable. A distinctive trunk or branch would only stay in frame (or not be covered up by Miranda) for a dozen frames or so. Directly below is the background plate that the motion will be linked to.ImageImage