Just a quick update. Sadly, on August 13, a connector on a toilet water line in a bathroom adjoining my studio flooded busted, and the studio flooded. I lost my sound isolation room, and the studio is completely gutted.

It’s been a very stressful time; the original film footage, computer, external hard drives, film keepsakes and paperwork, monitoring equipment, piano, and hand-written music manuscripts were exposed to 4-5″ of water. Fortunately, my film and music projects seem intact, but until I resume work on the projects, I won’t be completely at ease. I’m in the process of figuring out how to reinstate what I had in the studio before. So there’s been a long period of inactivity on the film and music front since the flood.

The timing of the flood is particularly frustrating, because I’d finally gotten past the biggest challenges and speed bumps of the film, and was on the way to the finish line. Hope things get put together quickly so I can move forward again.

“Reveal” Shot Finished!

The huge visual effects shot I started working on on Aug. 14 2011 is finally finished. That was the main one–the climactic reveal of the meaning of the film; and it presented so many challenges. There are close to 100 versions of it that existed. Now, there really isn’t too much left to do on “Wood.”

Special Features

ImageSorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been spending some time with my music projects and also preparing special features for the “Wood” Blu-ray/DVD. I know it seems odd to do this when the film’s not finished yet. But I wanted to capture a few interviews with specific people (for the special features), and two of them are sadly leaving Austin this month. (Dad and Mom were crew for my interview with Fr. James Martin [of Austin’s St. Ignatius-Martyr]–one of my favorite people.) So I’m ping-ponging between a few projects. Hope everyone is having a great summer!